An app-based farm or a farm-based app?

Over 58%1 of India’s rural population of 0.9 billion2 rely on farming for their livelihood and face daily challenges in the form of pollution, resource scarcity and climate change. Thankfully, one disruptor known as EM3 AgriServices3 has created a service that enables these farmers — most of whom operate on a small scale — to benefit from advanced farming technology, including specialist equipment such as tractors and harvesters, on a pay-for-use basis. Not only do farmers get their hands on professional (and expensive!) farming equipment that would ordinarily be out of their reach, but they can also tap into help and expertise via apps, call centres and a network of human representatives — offering them the benefits of digital transformation without losing the human touch.

Looking to rapidly expand its service beyond the 8,000 farms currently served, the company recently partnered with the local government of Rajasthan — India’s largest province by land area and a major agricultural producer. The goal: to create more opportunities and potentially transform the rural farming sector in India through targeted, on-demand services.

The value-add from this is huge: participating farmers can expect a 25% reduction in cultivation costs alongside a nearly 20% increase in productivity, with unrestricted access to basic mechanisation they were previously unable to afford . Acre by acre, the service improves the livelihoods of the rural poor while fostering sustainable and innovative farming practices that help modernise and grow India’s agricultural economy.

With over 58% of India’s rural households relying on agriculture as their principal means of livelihood, the positive impact on consumption and the economy is significant.

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