Rats: A symbol of prosperity

Spotted a rat? You might be prosperous soon.

5 lessons in investing from the rat

2020 is a new year, let’s start it well!

The ostrich : Don’t bury your head in the sand

Ostrich investors ignore negative news in the market, blindly hoping that their investments won’t be hit too hard.

The frog: Avoid the trap of tunnel vision

Frog investors tend to read about and keep up with certain business developments selectively, instead of exposing themselves to general industry trends.

Amongst the new, there’s still a place for the old

Trends come and go but some things remain in style.

Looking past the Olympic hype

Olympics are expensive investments, but worthwhile if you achieve what you’ve planned.

Tips to groom the next world class athlete

Sports and investments, they’re more alike than you think


Gearing through different terrains like a pro

People might think investing is as easy as riding a bike. But paying attention to the technical aspects of both will help smoothen your journey.


Piggybacking on the Piggy Bank concept

Don't be daunted about regular savings plans — what they are and where to begin. They're just digital piggy banks.


Making a ‘right’ decision

Decision-making can be difficult for anyone. So how do you increase your chances of making it a 'right' decision?




Whet your appetite for a new perspective.


Ideas that are changing your world.


Get ready to connect with Generation Y.


Turn over a new leaf by going green.