Get entertained, the AI way

With AI, entertainment as we know it is changing.

Your face, your ticket

The way you look may soon be your ticket to ride!


Taking commutes to new heights

Technology companies are racing to take transportation to the skies


Kangaroos – man’s new best friend?

This Japanese made ride-on robot is as faithful as a dog.


More than meets the eye

China has set its sights on AI-based surveillance that can identify a person within 100 milliseconds. That’s less than the blink of an eye.

Virtual is China’s new retail reality

Businesses as well as customers are celebrating the new e-tail era.


Here comes the sun

China is combating rising smog levels with a nation-wide switch to cleaner, greener energy. Time to make hay while the sun shines?


Faster than you can say ‘Ni hao’: China’s speed payment revolution

Looks like smartphones have officially replaced the good ol’ wallet.


A change all of India is banking on

The Indian cabinet is offering its citizens zero-balance banks accounts. Will small change make a big impact?


Feature phones are taking India back…to the future

While smartphones take over the world market, a smaller revolution has been brewing in the subcontinent!



Behavioural Biases

Understanding what makes you tick.


Whet your appetite for a new perspective.


Get ready to connect with Generation Y.


Turn over a new leaf by going green.