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Flying the flag for sustainability

The very fabric of India’s textile industry, khadi is appealing to modern buyers.

Hungry for success – for man and planet

A traditional local meal service is teaching global delivery companies a thing or two.


Want to talk climate change? Use emojis!

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much could we say with emojis?

From now on, Green beats Gold

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games will be revolutionary. It will be green.

Solving the water crisis… how?

Innovation isn’t always hard, it’s about unlocking the potential of the existing resources for sustainable solutions.


Powering earth from farms in space

How electricity could soon come from a galaxy, far, far away.


From sand to sandwich — growing tomatoes in the desert

Inhospitable climates can now become fertile, thanks to a revolutionary farming method.


Ping, ping, your shoes are ready!

The microwave is being used to heat up the trend in trainers.

Plastic fantastic — planet-saving style

Find out how man’s waste is fast becoming the fashion world’s darling.


E-Rickshaws to the rescue

Electric rickshaws in India give a traditional form of transport a planet saving advantage



Behavioural Biases

Understanding what makes you tick.


Whet your appetite for a new perspective.


Ideas that are changing your world.


Get ready to connect with Generation Y.