Gearing through different terrains like a pro

“How do you cycle?” The question might prompt a raised eyebrow, but cycling is more than just pedalling.

First things first, you need to ensure you’re well balanced on the bike. Saddle height, knee position, seating posture and your reach to the handlebar are key aspects to note. Whether you’re an avid or novice cyclist, being well-balanced will help you use your muscles optimally, to prevent injuries and let you have a good ride.

Next, how you pedal is important. It’s not just pushing down on the pedal; the key is creating a smooth pedal stroke so your feet move in a full circle. Pedalling becomes efficient: the energy you save on forcing a downstroke is used to pull the upstroke, and unnecessary energy expenditure is reduced.

Then, which gear do you use? Smaller gears would help when going uphill, or when you’re riding against wind, and larger or higher gears can help you maximise speed when riding on flat ground, or when the wind is behind you.

When you shift the gear is very important. Shifting during a climb for example, could cause the chain to drop off the chainring; you’d need to stop safely by the side of the road to put it back on before you can ride again.

With these tips on technique in mind, anyone can enjoy a smooth ride. And investing is the same. It’s more than just putting in money; it’s about the technique.

Balance is similarly relevant here: investing across a diverse portfolio of assets and instruments balances out your risks and rewards and reduces your portfolio’s volatility over time.

Then there’s the question of how — how can you invest efficiently? Reinvesting the dividends you gain from existing investments, for example, can maximise your profits while reducing any unnecessary losses.

Finally, there’s the issue of gears. Just like different gears help you cycle across different terrains, you need to be aware of when and how much to invest in the face of varying financial situations.

Just like cycling, knowing the techniques of investing will help you traverse smoothly across different market cycles. Learn more about investing and smoothen your investment journey. Find out more at