Tickle your taste buds with pickles

Who says pickles are boring? In 2018, we saw the expansion of pickles to literally almost everything. In sandwiches with peanut butter, as popcorn and chips flavours, on pizza… even the refreshing summer icicle pops and soda beverages married pickle juice for a twist.

Other than pickle-flavoured food and drinks, choices of pickles beyond cucumbers are tickling people’s palates too.

Cranberry, blueberry or even grape pickles for example, are now making for zesty additions to salads, appetisers and garnishes. And their flavours are further enhanced with herbs like cinnamon, cloves, rosemary in pickling liquids.

Pickled watermelon rinds and pickled pineapples introduce a fresh and fruity pop of flavour, bringing a little bit of summer to the cold months of winter.

Or what about just downright unconventional pickles? Koolaid pickles — pickles made with koolaid in the pickling brine — are bright and perfect for sweet tooths. Or there’s always bloody mary pickles, which are a perfect combination. Vegetables, spice and alcohol, what’s not to like?

Pickles can be made of anything, and paired with everything. There’s so much more to them than just cucumbers and brine. Similarly, there’s more to investments than equity funds and bonds for your portfolio. Find out more at www.eastspring.com