Want to talk climate change? Use emojis!

Touted as the fastest-growing language in the world, emojis are an effective form of communication and could even help to effect changes in the environment.

A group from New York University has launched a pack of climate change-themed emojis to spark conversations on and raise awareness about environmental conservation, demonstrating the influence and pervasiveness of these little icons. However, not many know that emojis originated in Japan in the 1990s, highlighting the extent of Japan’s influence, both cultural and technological, on the world.

The success of emojis may encourage further innovation. As an added incentive to stay ahead of the curve, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has in recent years reduced taxes on businesses that invest in new technologies.

As the impact of climate change becomes more pronounced and regulations evolve, companies’ environmental awareness will likely increase, as the associated risks become clearer. At Eastspring Investments, we integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations in our investment processes. Find out more about Eastspring at www.eastspring.com