When two are better than one

The same goes for bread. While bread is a staple of human diets around the world, different varieties taste best when paired with the right spread.

What are some of the common breads and their best flavour pairings?

Rye for example, goes well with Reuben spread. Containing a mix of corned beef, sauerkraut, and Swiss cheese, the spread is a meaty tangy dip that pairs well with the hearty texture and earthy taste of rye bread.

Whole wheat bread is the healthier choice of many, and an equally healthy yogurt dip easily complements it. Yogurt dips can be tailored to one’s tastes, with spinach for example, blue cheese and chives, or with herbs and cucumbers.

Sourdough bread is known for its crispy crust, strong, chewy texture, and a characteristic mildly sour taste. The best pairings with sourdough run on the creamier side, and they should be served warm. A cheesy artichoke dip or a bacon cheese dip for example, would make delicious pairings.

Bonus: mantou from the East.

Have you tried Singapore’s chilli crab before? Its sweet, spicy and tangy sauce makes for a great dip with mantou, small cloud-like steamed bread that’s crispy on the outside and soft and sweet on the inside.

The right bread and dip pairings bring out delightful tastes for a more scrumptious dining experience. And the same can be said with investments that are aptly paired with one’s needs.

So, speak to your financial advisor to find out what investments best pair with your needs or visit www.eastspring.com. It may help to give you a more flavourful investment experience — one that might keep you coming back for more.